Osteoporosis - also called bone loss - is a gradual process. Especially in women after menopause and because of certain medications (eg cortisone) may lead to an increased bone loss. But (younger) men can also be affected by osteoporosis. If you leave this untreated, the bones become unstable and break. Therefore, timely medical treatment of osteoporosis is so important.

You can also support the therapy through diet and exercise / sports and counteract osteoporosis. Important aganist osteoporosis is an early initiation of treatment, as this greatly improve the chances of success.

By definition of the WHO, Osteoporosis is a skeletal disease, popularly, "bone atrophy", the resulting bone fragility and increasing fracture risk is characterized by low bone mass and by a disturbance of the microarchitecture of bone tissue.

Although there is no exact figures for the total number of osteoporosis patients, studies assume that a total of 7.8 million women and men by the age of 50 are affected of osteoporosis in Germany, with approximately 83% female patients.

Currently approximately 200 million women and men are affected by osteoporosis worldwide . It is estimated that about one third of all women between 60 and 70 years and even two-thirds of all women after the age of 80 are suffering from osteoporosis. About 300,000 men and women in Germany suffer from new fractures every year.

With age Everyone loses bone mass and thus also bone strength. Female bone loss is associated with the hormonal change progress faster after menopause. Therefore women are mainly affected after menopause by osteoporosis.

Osteoporosis is a disease that often keeps undetected for a long time. At osteoporosis the bone loses mass, which means, it becomes lighter, weaker and literally more fragile.

Each of us is experiencing a continuing process of bone remodeling during lifetime. The existing bone is reduced and new bone is built.


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