Our motivation ist he development of innovative products for the welfare of the human being.

The foundation are the values that arise from the challenges that life gives us. In ourselves we make the request to give more than the best with confidence, cohesion and individuality.

We are delighted to incorporate our co-create values in new innovative products and to pass on these to the people.

Research and development at Alnapharm focus on identifying and developing new active substances to treat diseases with a high unmet medical need.


The first healthcare product of Alnapharm is the dietary supplement OSVALIN®. OSVALIN® is a unique silicon preparation containing hydrolyzed, colloidal silicon dioxide in the highest possible concentration.


We want to take responsibility for each project that we are launching and with the specific task that goes with it. We are aware of the importance of our projects, with which we enter into an obligation to use our work for the highest good of the patient.

Research and Development

As man is a complex creature itself, we derive our knowledge of the complexity of the plants, the active ingredients that nature gives us. We strive to receive our developments from what already exists.


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