The company Alnapharm AG & Co. KG is founded in July of 2010, as a sister company of Alna-Holding AG.

The company develops innovative pharmaceuticals, medical devices and dietary supplements for human health. Alnapharm deals with the research and development of innovative products for the health of the people and the healing of complex health impairments. Here, the activities are not limited only to research and development. Alnapharm manufactures its own innovation and inventions and provide them worldwide. The ultimate ambition of Alnapharm is to develop products using natural resources and knowledge to meet the concept of sustainability.

Great emphasis lies on the effectiveness and functionality of the developed products, so that optimal healthcare products, medical devices and pharmaceutical will arise.

The first product of Alnapharm, Osvalin®, a special high-quality nutritional supplement OSVALIN® ( (biologically active silicone) for the prevention of osteoporosis, arthritis and general joint diseases, is available on the market since June 2014.

Alnapharm has just started with the development and implementation of innovative natural products for the benefit of humankind. There are already more product developments in the pipeline.


The first healthcare product of Alnapharm is the dietary supplement OSVALIN®. OSVALIN® is a unique silicon preparation containing hydrolyzed, colloidal silicon dioxide in the highest possible concentration.


We want to take responsibility for each project that we are launching and with the specific task that goes with it. We are aware of the importance of our projects, with which we enter into an obligation to use our work for the highest good of the patient.

Research and Development

As man is a complex creature itself, we derive our knowledge of the complexity of the plants, the active ingredients that nature gives us. We strive to receive our developments from what already exists.


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